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Since 2011, Catalyst continues to focus on providing a service that gets results and educates along the way. We continue to build a community that is confident in their fitness, their trainer and in themselves.

Photos by Ashlene Nairn

Catalyst was born way before the studio's doors opened to the public.  Mark had a dream to recreate the gym experience by focusing on education and community.  His belief is, when an individual commits to changing or creating a new lifestyle, it is imperative they have the right tools required to do so.  Catalyst would become the institution that provided the individual with education, a sense of belonging and would foster confidence in ones ability to play.

Fort Street was the first institution which opened June 2011. It attracted the attention of some of the best trainers in Canada who were looking for a place where they could establish their own business and still be apart of a team.  It became a place where knowledge was shared, challenges were undertaken, and clients achieved success.  The team has since grown and a second institution was established on the Gorge in August 2013.  

Catalyst Waterfront  strengthened the tools available to our clients by offering gym memberships that had personal training included, fitness classes taught by professional athletes and a coffee/ protein bar with local roasters.  This beautiful studio overlooks the Gorge Rowing Club and is conveniently located along the Galloping Goose Trail.  

Waterfront Fitness Studio

Catalyst Waterfront is the opposite experience of most gyms.  First off, we have memberships that include personal training and programming.  No more going to the gym, aimlessly walking around, doing the occasional bicep curl and wishing you had the results you wanted.  Without proper form you will never accomplish any fitness goal, inevitably injure yourself, and become disheartened with the gym experience.

115 2940 Jutland Rd, Victoria BC, V8T2K1



I believe that life is about adventures and connecting with the community around us.  Through these connections we learn and develop our skill sets that define who we become, how we act, and how we may further impact the world in a Catalytic way.  We remove limitations and believe that from nothing we can always create something.  We recognize that there is so much we don't know, and we are proud that that fact excites us.

About Mark

Mark hails from Calgary, AB which explains his extreme love for the mountains.  When he is not at the Catalyst Gyms he is out adventuring with his side kick Heli, the Jack Russell Terrier.

Marks passion for fitness has led him all over the world.  From biking the major climbs of the Tour de France, to rock climbing in the Swiss Alps, to racing olympians on a fixie in the Los Angeles Velodrome.

Prior to moving to Victoria in 2006, Mark worked in the fashion industry as a trainer and model - shooting for brands like Nike, Abercrombie & Fitch and Adidas.  This experience inspired Mark to pursue a University degree in Business and Economics with a minor in Environmental Studies.  

Throughout his degree, Mark was involved in various businesses such as MountainU (a discount ski service provider), Jumpship (a Mountain Bike Competition), and Bodhi (the training studio that became Catalyst).


Contact Mark

Call (250) 881–5307 from 8a – 8p Monday to Friday.
Or email mark: mark@catalystlife.ca