One Fitness Community.  Two Locations

This is about the relationship we build, about the confidence we instill in our clientele, and the confidence we instill in them outside of the studio as well.
— Mark Milburn, Douglas Magazine
Velofix Spring Bike Maintenance

Catalyst and Velofix bring bike maintenance to you.  Get your bike ready for the season and remove that winter grime all while you work.  Reserve your spot now!

Longterm Locker Rental Now Available

Longterm locker rental now available.  Limited quantities available, $20 per month includes lock.

Olympic Lifting Workshop

Are you interested in Olympic Lifting?  Has your programming progressed to include dynamic lifts like the snatch, the clean & jerk or the overhead squat?  Rachel Siemens, one of Canada's representative Olympic Lifters is offering a 6 week work shop starting in April.  

Bare Foot Running Clinic

Bearfoot Running Clinic coming in April.  Learn more here.